If a tree don’t fall on me, I’ll live till I die


To bring in the New Year, we decided to switch vinyl formats and put on a good ‘ol 45. Side A presented us with Tex Ritter’s 1952 classic, “Rye Whiskey.” We nabbed this out of the record store bin because we love a great rye whiskey and we love dudes named Tex. Now rye whiskey may be trending these days; along with handlebar mustaches and pork pie hats, but somehow it’s good to know if the ocean was whiskey and Tex were a duck, he’d dive to the bottom to get one sweet suck.

The Reviews

Eric: “It’s a beef stick when I’m hungry. Rye whiskey when I’m dry.” Yum and yum.

Karl: Tex might have a problem.

Will: Every line is quotable, with a side of sloppy yodel.

Dan: Tex Ritter has a spicy floral quality, with a lightness that you don’t see very often. His spice is backed by a light vanilla, marsipan, and touch of oak.

Chapin: I haven’t heard a song this good in a long time.


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